「BAZAAR」 the Hub of Creation

The NICCA Innovation Center (NIC) is not just a research institute, but a place where people from various fields gather to create value and generate innovation through active communication. It was established as "the Hub of Creation".
It is the Hub for people to interact, and "Place" where information and products come and go, with the market in mind.
We have set the key concept as "BAZAAR".
It is a place where we can work together to realize the innovation that our customers want to achieve, and to create exciting encounters.


「Stimulating encounters invite innovation」


「Innovation of working style」

NIC's Environmental Design

The NICCA Innovation Center uses the concept of "Harvest", which brings the blessings of Fukui's natural environment such as light, water, and wind into the room, to achieve communication and energy conservation.
Compared to a typical building of the same size, it can reduce the energy used for air conditioning and lighting, and has been selected for the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism's Sustainable Building Leading Project (CO2 Reduction Leading Type)..

① Natural Lighting Concrete louvers and slits gently capture natural light from the ceiling and diffuse it throughout the building while preventing direct sunlight.

② Use of Wind Fukui Prefecture's unique "prevailing wind" from the south ventilates the building naturally, from the first floor entrance to the ceiling.

③Abundant Groundwater We use groundwater, which is kept at a constant temperature by geothermal heat, for various purposes such as air conditioning systems, snow melting, and research.
Harvest Wall (in the middle of the photo)
Solar heat is removed by the refrigerant pipes in the wall.
It also plays a role in guiding light to the lower floors.


NIC TOPICS 1st year book

We have compiled our activities and thoughts on open innovation and communication.

  • NIC in one day (Time-lapse)
  • NIC virtual tour video
  • Main Awards

    ・Japan Structural Design Award
    ・JIA Japan Architecture Grand Prize
    ・AIJ Annual Architectural Design Commendation
    ・Nikkei New Office Award Creative Office Award
    ・BCS Award

  • Construction Overview

    Construction Area / 2,621.63㎡
    Total Floor Area / 7,296.73㎡
    Scale & Structure / 4 floors above ground, steel structure with some concrete
    Design / Tetsuo Kobori Architects
    Construction / Shimizu Corporation
    Completion / November 1, 2017